Expanding Your World
Through Mindfulness

Expanding Your World Through Mindfulness

The ethical component of Buddhism is too often neglected. This program takes you on an exploration of what is often translated as The Perfections (pāramī). These are:

    1. Generosity (dāna)
    2. Virtue (sīla)
    3. Renunciation (nekkhamma)
    4. Wisdom and discernment (paññā)
    5. Energy, diligence and effort (viriya)
    6. Patience, tolerance and acceptance (khanti)
    7. Truthfulness and honesty (sacca)
    8. Determination (adhiṭṭhāna)
    9. Goodwill, friendliness and loving-kindness (mettā)
    10. Equanimity and serenity (upekkhā)

Through a series of carefully-crafted videos, you will learn about each of these pāramī and how to use right intention (sammā-saṅkappa) and right effort (sammā-vāyāma) throughout your days to cultivate each of these sequentially and later, synergistically. You will be able to refine your exploration of these through regular, individualised guidance and group mentoring sessions.

Program Details

Duration:30 days to get you started, but you have the rest of your life to perfect these 🙂
  • 1 initial discovery call
  • STRUCTURED teachings to explore at your own pace
  • 1 INDIVIDUAL Zoom session within the 30 days

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Meet Your Mentor, Li-Anne Tang, Ph.D.

Li-Anne Tang, Ph.D., is an experienced spiritual life coach, guide and mentor. Li-Anne’s life changed dramatically when she found herself in the midst of a dark night of the soul whilst raising her two young children. She searched the world and was fortunate to find wise and compassionate Buddhist meditation masters to guide her on her journey.

At that time, she had already explored the depths of Western understanding through a Bachelor of Psychology, Master of Science, Ph.D. in neuropsychiatry and postgraduate training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Her subsequent practice under the tutelage of great meditation masters led her to the first of her spiritual Awakenings. Since then, she has studied closely under numerous other masters, who have encouraged her to share her insights through her unique way of connecting with her students.

Li-Anne is on a mission to help people Awaken and practically weave the profundity of insights gained in deeper states of meditation into daily life. She guides students through helping them align their values, timely and practical teachings, and mentoring for their meditation mastery.

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I would love to have a chat with you over Zoom to discuss whether this program is suitable for you, and answer any questions you may have. There is no cost for the 30min call, other than your time.


Kathy Gollner

I have lived with Anxiety all my life. Despite attending various courses over the years to address this issue, I still experienced general anxiety which showed itself in the form of a racing mind and a tendency to overthink.

The Mindfulness Meditation Course was a turning point for me. I finally found something that I not only connected with but truly have felt the most shift in regards to my anxiety. Learning how to be mindful with my words and actions, my thoughts and feelings throughout the day provided plenty of opportunity to practise and increase my awareness.

I still face the same challenges in life but now find I have the ability to see things as they really are. I now ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’, changing my old pattern of behaviours to produce a more beneficial outcome. I can’t explain how empowering that is.

Best decision I ever made!

Jan Franks

I am so grateful to have met Li-Anne and for the opportunity she has given me to make my life different. The manner in which she described things made sense on a level I had not experienced before. This allowed me to open my mind to a new and different way of thinking. I had tried meditation before but was never able to achieve what others seemed to get out of it.

I found I was able to just let things be as they were. That impact was so freeing. I was more mindful of my actions, decisions and interactions with those around me. I love being mindful and freely meditate everyday. It made such a difference to my state of mind. I slowed down, I noticed more things in my day. I had a feeling of well-being.

If you were looking for clarity and calmness in your life then I would certainly suggest you follow up what Li-Anne has to offer.

Gaby Gunders

I would encourage absolutely anyone to partake in this work: benefits of this experience can be enjoyed by experienced and inexperienced meditators, by those who are in a serene state of being as well as those in an emotional overwhelm. I have been using the core instructions repeatedly, and have been able to create a habit, rather than forget the benefit shortly after participation.

If I were told, prior to attending these sessions, that I would have the tangible tool for deeper mindfulness experiences, and that each session was to add a completely new layer of self-compassion and acceptance to my reality, I would have certainly joined with less hesitation about me being an inexperienced meditator!

Questions? Or need help deciding if this program is for you?

I would love to have a chat with you over Zoom to discuss whether this program is suitable for you, and answer any questions you may have. There is no cost for the 30min call, other than your time.