Frequently Asked Questions About Meditation and Mindfulness

Here are the most commonly-asked questions we’re asked about this website, meditation and mindfulness. Have a question that’s not answered here? Get in touch.

Mindfulness as a Way of Life is the gateway program to the rest of what is offered on this site. You may be totally new to mindfulness or an experienced meditator. As long as you bring with you a willingness to play with the myriad possibilities of applying mindfulness to every moment of your life, you are most welcome to join me and experience the profundity of this seemingly simple practice.
If you are interested in Mindfulness as a Way of Life, I would like to meet you for a chat (over Zoom) to get to know you and your experiences in your mindfulness practice, and make sure we are a good fit for each other. If you join me in the program, it is important that you are entirely comfortable talking to me. I’m really not as serious as my bio might suggest!

When I worked as a psychotherapist, I listened deeply to what my clients were experiencing in their lives. I held space for, and sat with, my clients in their suffering, listened out as much for what they were saying as I heard what they were not saying, and gently guided them to find the wisdom inherent within them.

When I work as a Life Coach and Mentor, the stories of why things happened in my clients’ lives, what happened and who was involved are not relevant. Instead, I encourage my clients to drop into how they are experiencing the difficulties, identify any trapped emotions or roadblocks that may be preventing them from attaining their aspirations, and gently guide them to find the inherent and profound wisdom in all of their experiences. I also spend time helping my clients align their spiritual aspirations with the rest of their life’s goals, such that they can move forward in all aspects of their lives with freedom and harmony.

Dāna is a Pali word which means generosity. In the Theravada tradition, there is a recognition that the Dhamma is so precious that it is priceless. Theravada monastics never charge for these priceless teachings and in exchange, their followers provide them with food and lodgings.

The Buddha exemplified the ideal gift:
“The donor, before giving, is glad; while giving, his/her mind is inspired; and after giving, is gratified. These are the three factors of the donor…

The recipients are free of greed or are practising for the subduing of greed; free of aversion or practising for the subduing of aversion; and free of delusion or practising for the subduing of delusion. These are the three factors of the recipients.”
AN 6.37

I have made the teachings on this website available for the benefit of anyone interested in exploring the wisdom of the Dhamma. I offer these with the spirit of gladness, inspiration and gratitude. May everyone who explores these teachings be free from greed, aversion and delusion.

If you wish to support the ongoing creation of content for the benefit of others, please feel free to offer a donation.

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Naming the website ‘Freeing Our Mind’ was a deliberate attempt to emphasise the key way to practice, as well as the ultimate realisation of this practice. Although each of us has our own mind and ‘freeing our minds’ would be grammatically correct in a more mundane sense, the more we understand the reality of our existence in this world, the more we see that what affects you also affects me, and the interconnectedness of the world becomes a more prevalent experience than the you-me division that pervades and distorts. Freeing Our Mind is what I aim to do through my programs; together, we are freeing our collective mind.

Li-Anne frequently explores the thought experiment of imagining what the world would be like if everyone were fully Awakened. Perhaps when the Freeing Our Mind project is well under way, we can explore this experience together as a reality.

Do you have meditation questions or would like to chat?

I would love to have a chat with you over Zoom and answer any questions you may have. There is no cost for the 30min call, other than your time.

Freeing Our Mind seeks to help as many people as possible develop the tools to make this vision a reality. The root of most of our struggles lies in our misguided notions that we are each separate individuals, striving to survive in competition with other separate individuals in the world. This way of thinking leads us to a sense of isolation, tears apart our connections when we most need them, and pits us against one another. This framework makes us feel we need to compete, rather than cooperate, with one another. It compels us to feel we need to protect ourselves from the exploitation of others.

This old paradigm lulls us into the false belief that we need to compare ourselves to others, which creates a false sense of superiority, inferiority and even equality. But we are all part of a whole. It makes no sense to say that our fourth left toe is superior, inferior or equal to our right hip, or to our face. They are all part of our body, the only body we have. Similarly, we are all part of a vast, complicated and interconnected network far beyond our ability to cognitively comprehend. But we are able to apprehend this, if we train our minds appropriately.

Our mistaken beliefs move us away from harmony with ourselves and all around us; they pull us away from the essence of our humanity. Our lack of deep understanding of our interconnected nature with all of existence prevents us from perceiving nature as it truly is, takes us away from deeply connecting and engaging with one another, and holds us back from making the change we wish to make in our own lives and in the world.

Would like to join me in my vision?

I would love to have a chat with you over the phone to discuss this further.