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Finding Wisdom Through Adversity


Discover an effective 3-Step Approach to Finding Clarity, Strength, and Wisdom in Adversity 

We all face challenging situations in life. Commonly, these can be work pressures, financial worries, dealing with loss, difficult changes, or strenuous relationships. For some people it can be periodic or even chronic illness. Regardless, there are a multitude of often conflicting emotions that result from stress and adversity. 

Effective solutions are surprisingly simple

How to effectively deal with adversity and crisis may come across as surprising to many. The nature of our reality is often not as complex as we may imagine it to be. And, for many, this probably comes as a relief to hear.

The effectiveness of the technique I am about to share with you draws from real life hardships. In my professional capacity, I have helped hundreds of clients overcome incredibly difficult situations using simple and practical techniques.

Many of my clients have had the added burden of coping with cancer and other serious illness. So, this is by no means some fad or gimmick, but a tried and tested application of the phenomenon called ‘mindfulness’.

Mindfulness as a doorway to inner wisdom

Our minds often tend to be full to the brim with worries, expectations, fantasies, fears, and various other scenarios. When the storms of adversity arise, it’s understandable that we feel a loss of control. 

Detaching from the drama doesn’t mean abandoning ship. If we can focus our attention on what is happening in the present moment, and the rising thoughts and emotions, we can access an inner peace and clarity. In other words, we can find the quiet within the center of the storm.

This is called mindfulness, or being fully cognisant and aware. In essence, it means to only deal with your current situation as it fundamentally is. It’s not about analyzing the situation or theorizing a solution, because the answers actually arise from within.

The 3-steps to overcoming adversity

These are the 3-steps in my process of developing greater awareness in the face of adversity. This application of mindfulness leads to clarity and discovering wisdom within.

1. Ask yourself – “What am I experiencing right now?”

Open yourself to whatever it may be without judgement. Accept whatever emotion or mix of emotions arise albeit it happiness, confusion, anger, fear, or sadness.

2. Ask yourself – “Can I find a space within myself for this to be okay, for just this moment?”

This is just a single moment of acceptance. Just one moment of you being okay with it, and not a moment longer. 

3. Observe whether your experience changes in any way whatsoever.

Your experience may become stronger or weaker. You may start to experience or feel something different. All you need to do is notice how and if things change.

When you have gone through these 3-steps, go back to step one and repeat the process.

My Personal Message 

Decades of meditation training and guiding people through their challenges has shown me that anyone can overcome adversity using this 3-step process. The wisdom that comes through clarity and objectivity is practically achievable. 

All you need to do is shift your perspective to non-judgmental awareness. Spare a brief moment to be mindfully aware of what is happening to you and to be okay with it. Things will change. You will find that you are more able to do what you need to do, what you want to do, and to get your life back on track.

So, whenever you are faced with a challenging and stressful situation, I encourage you to engage this simple process. 

As incredulous as it may sound at first, try it. You will be amazed at how much clarity, understanding, and wisdom arises from this simple 3-step process. 

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