Li-Anne's Offerings

Fully supported mindfulness and meditation programs and freely available teachings offered as dāna
I provide two categories of offerings for you to engage in:

Mindfulness and Meditation Classes, Courses, Coaching and Services

My services enable you the opportunity to work closely with me and receive personalised guidance on a very regular basis. In my experience of teaching hundreds (maybe thousands) of students, I find regular, personalised guidance is the best way for you to progress in your practice.

Mindfulness as a Way of Life

This fully supported and guided six week program provides an entry into Mindfulness as a Way of Life. Students unfamiliar with Li-Anne’s way of teaching all start with this program.
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Mentoring for Meditation Mastery

Individualised guidance is essential to master the art of meditation. In this fully supported, 3 month program, Li-Anne offers her dedicated service to help you achieve the next level of depth you are aiming for in your meditation practice.

Expanding Your World through Mindfulness

The spiritual path is incomplete without its ethical components. This fully supported, 30 day program offers sincere spiritual seekers insights and guidance in the practice of The Ten Perfections (pāramī).

Accelerate Your Awakening

Awakening to the end of suffering is the Buddhist path. This one year program is Li-Anne’s commitment to support serious practitioners in your quest to fully Awaken spiritually.


The teachings here are offered for the benefit of anyone interested in exploring the wisdom of the Dhamma. I freely offer these with a spirit of inspiration, gladness and gratitude to all my teachers who have mentored me over the decades, and past, current and future students who continue to inspire me.

May everyone who explores these teachings be free from greed, aversion and delusion.

If you wish to support the ongoing creation of content for the benefit of others, please feel free to offer a donation.

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Blog Articles & Videos

Articles and videos containing gems of wisdom to support you in your Meditation practice, bring Mindfulness in Daily Life and support your Path to Awakening.
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Step by Step Guide to Meditating With Joy

These step by step teachings are aimed at beginners interested in establishing an independent meditation practice without the use of apps and guided meditations. The videos and guided meditations were created as a companion to the excellent book by Culadasa, The Mind Illuminated.

This is part of a project to create an app for this remarkable book.

Mindfulness in Daily Life

These videos are part of an ongoing project aimed at sharing the profound teachings of Sayadaw U Tejaniya in a manner that may be beneficial to more people across the world.
meditation guide

Dhamma Talks, Classes and Self-Retreats

Li-Anne offers Dhamma talks, Q&A sessions, classes and workshops to numerous groups across the world. Please contact Li-Anne if you would like her to teach at your sangha.

If you are an experienced meditator who would like to receive regular guidance of your meditation practice during a self-retreat, please feel free to contact Li-Anne.

Would you like support the creation of freely available content?

If you wish to support the ongoing creation of content for the benefit of others, please feel free to offer a donation.

Freeing Our Mind seeks to help as many people as possible develop the tools to make this vision a reality. The root of most of our struggles lies in our misguided notions that we are each separate individuals, striving to survive in competition with other separate individuals in the world. This way of thinking leads us to a sense of isolation, tears apart our connections when we most need them, and pits us against one another. This framework makes us feel we need to compete, rather than cooperate, with one another. It compels us to feel we need to protect ourselves from the exploitation of others.

This old paradigm lulls us into the false belief that we need to compare ourselves to others, which creates a false sense of superiority, inferiority and even equality. But we are all part of a whole. It makes no sense to say that our fourth left toe is superior, inferior or equal to our right hip, or to our face. They are all part of our body, the only body we have. Similarly, we are all part of a vast, complicated and interconnected network far beyond our ability to cognitively comprehend. But we are able to apprehend this, if we train our minds appropriately.

Our mistaken beliefs move us away from harmony with ourselves and all around us; they pull us away from the essence of our humanity. Our lack of deep understanding of our interconnected nature with all of existence prevents us from perceiving nature as it truly is, takes us away from deeply connecting and engaging with one another, and holds us back from making the change we wish to make in our own lives and in the world.

Would like to join me in my vision?

I would love to have a chat with you over the phone to discuss this further.