Reinforce your own learning, teach others, and help create a wiser world

Meditation Teacher Training

A two-year online program.

Built upon The Mind Illuminated, delivered by certified TMI teachers.

As A Student You'll Get:

Deep understanding of the TMI methodology, facilitated by four TMI accredited teachers.

Dhamma and meditation teacher experience, with support and feedback to help you grow.

Mentorship to develop your own practice and Awakening.

Supplemental material not found in TMI, from a melting pot of lineages.

To be part of a Sangha— a learning community.

Organic, relevant and practical discussions on bringing your Dhamma practice into every facet of your life.

Personalised, small group mentoring sessions to facilitate your progress.

A discounted price for other courses delivered by your teachers!

Certification upon completion of the course, so you can begin teaching.

Why TMI?

Culadasa’s contribution to our understanding of meditation has been profound. That’s why we’ve built our meditation teacher training around it.

In The Mind Illuminated, Culadasa builds upon the nine-stage model of meditation originally articulated by the ancient Indian sage Asanga.

The result? A clear, practical, 10-stage model for your entire meditative journey.

Combining Buddhist teachings with cognitive psychology and neuroscience, TMI is the definitive, modern meditation guide.

Meet Your Teachers

What You Need to Know

We don’t want to pressure you, but places are limited.

You must enrol by October 15th, 2022 to be considered for the next cohort, starting in January 2023.

The total cost of this two-year course is $4800— that works out to about $25 an hour for the core curriculum.

Learn how to transform lives and build a more mindful world.