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Imagine if you could take the peace and wisdom of your meditations into the rest of your life…

3 Tips to Immediately Improve Your Meditation

Imagine being able to enjoy the peace and clarity of your meditation throughout your day. In 14+ years of teaching mindfulness, I have discovered 3 common things people forget to do in their meditations … and in their lives. Join me in this video to improve your meditation immediately.

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What You Get When You Work With A Meditation Teacher

Eliminate stress, anxiety, and suffering.

Connect with calm and clarity all the time.

Master your mind through the subtleties of meditation.

On-demand videos to learn at your own pace.

Meet other students, and join a thriving global community.

Progress towards stream-entry and beyond.


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Get Off Your Cushion!

Weaving Meditation into the Fabric of Life

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From Stress to Serenity

Learn how to consistently reduce your stress and anxiety, and connect with serenity at will.

Mindfulness for Inner Peace

Cultivate the essential life qualities to bring inner peace into your life in this practical course.

Meditation Mastery

Receive expert mentoring for meditation mastery, whether you are a beginner or very experienced.


From Stress to Serenity PDF

Learn the powerful steps to move you from stress to serenity throughout your day

Hi, I'm Li-Anne Tang, Ph.D.

I have a PhD in Neuropsychiatry and decades of experience as a psychotherapist and mindfulness coach.

I’ve drawn wisdom from meditation masters such as Sayadaw U Thuzana, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, and Culadasa.

I’ve developed this into my tried and tested framework to help you access true peace and wisdom.

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What my students are saying about their experiences

Sarah Walsh
Homemaker, translator, explorer of life and mum's taxi
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The mentorship that Li-Anne provides is a lost art in the way of teaching. Her experience in training her own mind has given her insight into the workings of other peoples' minds such that she can listen deeply to what you have to say, and ask just the right questions to set your own mind on the path to discovering your own answers, for yourself, unique to your own life. She has truly taken adversity and challenge in her own life as an opportunity to cultivate a strong, flexible, compassionate, peaceful mind for herself and with her insight provides an excellent example of how others, irrespective of external conditions, can incline their minds towards happiness too.
Chappell Isom
Graduate Student
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Working with Li-Anne has been a joyous experience. She has a deep pool of knowledge and experience garnered from her many years on the path as a practitioner and a teacher. Unlike other teachers, she truly listens to your experience and has great sensitivity. As a result, she is able to examine my experience and steer me away from pitfalls. Since working with Li-Anne I have come to appreciate the value of curiosity and grace in my practice. Thanks to her helpful pointers I am getting in touch with awareness more and more frequently, and in turn, I am experiencing more happiness in life.
Kathy Gollner
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I’ve always wanted to incorporate a daily meditation practice in my life. On the odd occasion when I tried to meditate my mind would be constantly busy and I found it frustrating and not enjoyable. It wasn’t until I attended Li-Anne’s class that I finally experienced my first ‘taste’ of a calm mind and real change happened. She has a lovely way of breaking down the process in a simple but effective way that you begin to truly understand the nature of your mind and why it causes so much suffering.
Julian Gibbings
Data Scientist
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Before meditating with Li-Anne I was struggling with thinking during meditation. Li-Anne taught me to rejoice once I was aware that I was thinking, to smile and joyfully come back to the meditation object. I no longer get frustrated during meditation. I now patiently wait for my mind to calm down by itself. What struck me the most was her depth of knowledge. Working with Li-Anne has shown me that it is possible for me to overcome all of my mind made suffering. Before meeting Li-Anne my only reason for meditating was to learn to relax but now I’m strongly determined to overcome all of my mind made suffering. This is possibly the greatest impact Li-Anne has had on myself.
Gaby Gunders
Piano Teacher
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Li-Anne was impressive in her patient listening, in her understanding what the participant meant, and then her focused responses, that, invariably, illuminated a perspective that was important for everyone’s understanding, and often invisible to the person. The experience was such that it promoted a peaceful space of one-ness, where we were busy finding our shared humanity, rather than searching for individual differences
Chee Way Siah
B. E. (Hons)
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I joined Li-Anne’s “Accelerate Your Awakening” in January this year and together with my classmates have received fortnightly teachings and guidance from her. I am amazed and glad to realise that Li-Anne is the embodiment of the Dhamma! Our class consists of teachers, professionals, psychologists, meditation teachers etc. who are very keen to learn from Li-Anne the way to awakening. She has been able to very insightfully, skillfully and compassionately guide each and every one of us to see our hindrances and to develop our spiritual powers to awakening. She is a Gem and a worthy Dhamma teacher who is able to help many on the path to liberation from stress and samsara.

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