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3 Tips to Immediately Improve Your Meditation

Imagine being able to enjoy the peace and clarity of your meditation all day.

In 14+ years of teaching mindfulness, I have discovered 3 common things people forget to do in their meditations … and their lives.

Join me in this video to improve your meditation immediately.

Meet Your Meditation Guide, Li-Anne Tang, Ph.D.

I have a PhD in Neuropsychiatry and decades of experience as a psychotherapist and mindfulness coach.

I’ve drawn wisdom from meditation masters such as Sayadaw U Thuzana, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, and Culadasa.

I’ve developed this into my own tried and tested framework to help you access true peace and wisdom.

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Ma Thet

The impact Li-Anne has had on me is hard to put in a few words. When someone changes not just your lens so that you can see better, but also your feeling of self worth – that has far greater reach than is easy to describe. It has left me with a lasting sense of being able to navigate the intellectual and moral compass of my life without conflict, by accepting and observing.

If you feel misunderstood or not fully understood by others, if what you need is acceptance in order to learn acceptance, if you need someone to point out the strengths you could not see in yourself, or a gentle pointing to help discover shortcomings so they do not hamper life, this is the way forward.

Kathy Gollner

I’ve always wanted to incorporate a daily meditation practice in my life. On the odd occasion when I tried to meditate my mind would be constantly busy and I found it frustrating and not enjoyable.

It wasn’t until I attended Li-Anne’s class that I finally experienced my first ‘taste’ of a calm mind and real change happened. She has a lovely way of breaking down the process in a simple but effective way that you begin to truly understand the nature of our mind and why it causes so much suffering.

While attending her Meditation Retreat I experienced the power of Connection. I have often felt disconnected in a group, whether it be with people I knew or a group of strangers. 2 years on from the retreat I have found myself more open to others, enjoying lovely interactions with people I meet throughout the day. I have learnt connection can come in many forms and in ways you don’t expect.

Julian Gibbings

Before meditating with Li-Anne I was struggling with thinking during meditation. Li-Anne taught me to rejoice once I was aware that I was thinking, to smile and joyfully come back to the meditation object. I no longer get frustrated during meditation. I now patiently wait for my mind to calm down by itself.

What struck me the most was her depth of knowledge. Incredibly, Li-Anne could teach a class full of meditators of varying experience, from beginners like me right through to highly experienced veterans with decades of practice. No matter what the level of experience or type of practise she always had a precise answer to any question, whether it be a beginner learning about Metta, to an ex-monk with 25yrs experience and entering Jhana states. Her knowledge of different meditation practices and the different stages of meditation is unsurpassed.

Working with Li-Anne has shown me that it is possible for me to overcome all of my mind made suffering. Before meeting Li-Anne my only reason for meditating was to learn to relax but now I’m strongly determined to overcome all of my mind made suffering. This is possibly the greatest impact Li-Anne has had on myself.

Gaby Gunders

Li-Anne was impressive in her patient listening, in her understanding what the participant meant, and then her focused responses, that, invariably, illuminated a perspective that was important for everyone’s understanding, and often invisible to the person.

Beyond that, the calm and serene atmosphere Li-Anne created, enabled everyone to avoid getting caught in the drama, and rather find that place of acceptance of all that is; from that space of acceptance, emotional healing devoid of resistance, could emerge.

The experience was such that it promoted a peaceful space of one-ness, where we were busy finding our shared humanity, rather than search for individual differences.

Are you ready to take your next steps, with me?