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About Li-Anne Tang, Ph. D. Meditation Teacher

Li-Anne Tang-min

Li-Anne Tang, Ph.D., is an experienced spiritual life coach, meditation teacher and mentor. Li-Anne’s life changed dramatically when she found herself in the midst of a dark night of the soul whilst raising her two young children. She searched the world and was fortunate to find wise and compassionate Buddhist meditation masters to guide her on her journey.

At that time, she had already explored the depths of Western understanding through a Bachelor of Psychology, Master of Science, Ph.D. in neuropsychiatry and postgraduate training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. She has over a decade of experience working as a psychotherapist and counsellor for patients with cancer and their carers.

Li-Anne’s meditation practice under the tutelage of Sayadaw U Thuzana in the Mahasi tradition led her to the first of her spiritual Awakenings. Other teachers in the Mahasi tradition who have influenced Li-Anne are Patrick Kearney, Guy Armstrong, Ariya Baumann, Venerable Dhammajiva and Bhante Sujiva. Li-Anne has also deeply explored other meditation practices with Sayadaw U Tejaniya (awareness+wisdom), Culadasa (The Mind Illuminated, or TMI), Ajahn Brahm and Shaila Catherine (jhana practices), Thich Nhat Hanh (Vietnamese Zen) and Shundo Aoyama (Japanese Zen).

Li-Anne was encouraged by Sayadaw U Thuzana, Sayadaw U Tejaniya and Culadasa to share her insights through her unique way of connecting with her students. She now directly impacts the lives of meditation teachers, experienced meditators and anyone interested in incorporating mindfulness into every aspect of their lives through online teaching and mentoring programs. Whether you are new to mindfulness or an experienced practitioner, she will help you discover different facets of this practice to access true peace and wisdom, irrespective of what life dishes out to you.

Li-Anne can always be found meditating, whether in her role as a Mindfulness Guide, Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, mother, friend, pianist, traveller, hiker or rock climber.

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What would our world be like if everyone was Awakened?

I have had an ongoing thought experiment for decades. It centres around a simple question: ‘What would our world be like if everyone was Awakened?’ In other words, what would life feel like if we were all free from unconscious beliefs and habits that caused unhappiness and dissatisfaction in ourselves and the people around us? In what ways could we transform our community, if we were completely free to creatively respond to the dance of life?” …read more…

Freeing Our Mind seeks to help as many people as possible develop the tools to make this vision a reality. The root of most of our struggles lies in our misguided notions that we are each separate individuals, striving to survive in competition with other separate individuals in the world. This way of thinking leads us to a sense of isolation, tears apart our connections when we most need them, and pits us against one another. This framework makes us feel we need to compete, rather than cooperate, with one another. It compels us to feel we need to protect ourselves from the exploitation of others.

This old paradigm lulls us into the false belief that we need to compare ourselves to others, which creates a false sense of superiority, inferiority and even equality. But we are all part of a whole. It makes no sense to say that our fourth left toe is superior, inferior or equal to our right hip, or to our face. They are all part of our body, the only body we have. Similarly, we are all part of a vast, complicated and interconnected network far beyond our ability to cognitively comprehend. But we are able to apprehend this, if we train our minds appropriately.

Our mistaken beliefs move us away from harmony with ourselves and all around us; they pull us away from the essence of our humanity. Our lack of deep understanding of our interconnected nature with all of existence prevents us from perceiving nature as it truly is, takes us away from deeply connecting and engaging with one another, and holds us back from making the change we wish to make in our own lives and in the world.

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