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In 12 weeks you can eliminate stress and anxiety at will and take your meditation practice to the next level. On-demand course based on the teachings of Sayadaw U Tejaniya and Culadasa, with support and community.

3 Meditation Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Would you like to be able to bring the peace and clarity of your meditation sittings into every facet of your daily life? 

In over 12 years of teaching mindfulness practices, I have discovered 3 HUGE meditation mistakes people don’t even know they are making.

Join me in this video to improve your mindfulness immediately.

What Other Students Have To Say

Kathy Gollner
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I have lived with anxiety all my life. Despite attending various courses over the years to address this issue, I still experienced general anxiety which showed itself in the form of a racing mind and a tendency to overthink. The mindfulness meditation course was a turning point for me. I finally found something that I not only connected with but truly have felt the most shift in regards to my anxiety. Learning how to be mindful of my words and actions, thoughts and feelings throughout the day provided plenty of opportunities to practise and increase my awareness. I still face the same challenges in life but now find I have the ability to see things as they really are. I now ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’, changing my old pattern of behaviours to produce a more beneficial outcome. I can’t explain how empowering that is. Best decision I ever made!
Jachym Jerie
Coach and Entrepreneur
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Before meeting Li-Anne, I was frustrated with my practice. Insights didn't last and the transformation I was looking for didn't come.  After working with her for only 3 months I have been able to get a very solid grasp on my mind. Suffering is reduced greatly and when it does arise I can reduce it at will. And I can do that in the midst of raising a special needs child and having turmoil at work.  I have gotten these results by meditating way less than before and integrating the practice into daily life instead. When I do sit, they are usually better and more stable than before.  I now feel that I am in a place where insight practice will be more fruitful. I just wish I had met her earlier so I didn't spend 2+ years doing things inefficiently. I can't recommend Li-Anne’s material and work highly enough.
Monica Heiser
Public School Visual Art Teacher
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With her student-centered approach and keen insight into my own descriptions of my practice, she directed me deeper into my own intuition. The results have been greater ease and joy in my life, insights into anatta (no-self) and confidence in the Dhamma. Thank you Li-Anne! 
David Barretto
Exercise Physiologist
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Li-Anne is a true healer and leader. She is genuine, calm, creative, and articulate. I always feel Li-Anne is bringing 100% of her energy, strategy, and understanding to our sessions.  I've seen 2 psychologists and had multiple coaches in my life, and in 4 months Li-Anne has activated more change in me than any of them. I'm forever grateful to her and her teachings.
Jan Franks
Business Owner
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I am so grateful to have met Li-Anne and for the opportunity she has given me to make my life different. The manner in which she described things made sense on a level I had not experienced before. This allowed me to open my mind to a new and different way of thinking. I had tried meditation before but was never able to achieve what others seemed to get out of it. I found I was able to just let things be as they were. That impact was so freeing. I was more mindful of my actions, decisions and interactions with those around me. I love being mindful and freely meditating every day. It made such a difference to my state of mind. I slowed down, I noticed more things in my day. I had a feeling of well-being. If you were looking for clarity and calmness in your life then I would certainly suggest you follow up on what Li-Anne has to offer.
Gaby Gunders
Piano Teacher
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I would encourage absolutely anyone to partake in this work: benefits of this experience can be enjoyed by experienced and inexperienced meditators, by those who are in a serene state of being as well as those in an emotional overwhelm. I have been using the core instructions repeatedly, and have been able to create a habit, rather than forget the benefit shortly after participation. If I were told, prior to attending these sessions, that I would have the tangible tool for deeper mindfulness experiences, and that each session was to add a completely new layer of self-compassion and acceptance to my reality, I would have certainly joined with less hesitation about me being an inexperienced meditator!
Daniel Leipold
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The meditation mentoring is a precious treasure for me. It strengthens my motivation, it keeps me on track as it gives me clear guidance where to focus in my practice and moreover I learn a lot about how the mind works. I especially appreciate the wise advice of Li-Anne and the sharing of valuable experiences with other lovely meditation fellows.

What You'll Get

Tap into a wealth of knowledge.

I have a PhD in Neuropsychiatry and 14+ years experience as a psychotherapist and meditation teacher. You will be able to ask me questions anytime and receive guidance through our forum and Monthly Member Masterminds.

Join a community of learners.

Within our growing Collective Wisdom community, you’ll make friends from around the world, and support one another in your journeys. You’ll deepen your connection with yourself and others.

Establish mindfulness as a way of life.

Books can tell you the theory. Apps can guide you in meditation. My course will teach you how to incorporate mindfulness into every moment. How to reduce stress at will, in the moments where you need it most.

Learn at a pace that suits you.

With structured, on-demand videos, this course can fit around your life. You’ll receive personalised guidance, not generic advice. My goal is to see you free yourself from stress, not to add to your to-do list.

Choose a Tier

Tier One | Illuminated

You’ll get:

  • On-demand videos, so you can learn at your own pace.
  • Access our Collective Wisdom community to ask questions and connect with other meditators.
  • 3 LIVE monthly meditation groups with Li-Anne to consolidate your learnings.

Tier Two | Unfettered

You’ll get everything in Illuminated Tier One PLUS:

  • Group Mentoring for Meditation Mastery – 2 sessions each month, for 3 months.
  • New content every month.
*Designed specifically for dedicated meditators on the Path of Awakening.

Tier Three | Awakened

You’ll get everything in Tier One and Tier Two, PLUS:

  • One-on-one mentoring sessions with Li-Anne.
  • Personalised, regular guidance in your practice.

All You'll Need Is

Just 2 hours per week to dedicate to your practice

A laptop, phone, or tablet and an internet connection

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